Macaulay Emergency Preparedness

“Your child will be less scared if he or she is prepared”

Macaulay takes preparedness seriously. The Macaulay Parent Advisory Council (PAC) created the Emergency Preparedness Committee (MEP) to help the school plan and prepare for emergency events. We are a parent-based group, liaising with school and emergency personnel, to prepare Macaulay in the event of an earthquake.


  • Natural Resources Canada seismologists predict that in the next 50 years there is a 1-in-3 chance of a damaging earthquake off the BC coast.[1]
  • Communication systems and roads may be damaged making your reunion challenging.
  • The Province has classified Macaulay as “H3 – High” – we have infrastructure weaknesses and the school district informs us that Macaulay is about six years away from a seismic upgrade.

This means that in the event of an earthquake, the safest place for students/staff is outside of the school building. MEP, therefore, wants staff and students to have the supplies and information they need to remain as safe, calm and comfortable and, ultimately reunited with loved ones.


Our motto, ‘Your child will be less scared if he or she is prepared’ drives our three-fold strategy to ensure that students/staff are safe in the event of a major emergency event:

  1. Safety Infrastructure — Supplies, Information, Plans and Procedures (2016/17): Stock and update school earthquake emergency supplies, information, plan and procedures in coordination with local service providers.
  2. Student and Parent Education (2017-19): Hold a series of teacher, student and parent education programs, events and drills to help provide awareness of school plan and procedures.
  3. Continuity Planning (ongoing): Develop system to ensure that efforts continue and supplies are updated annually, as required.


  • Do you want the children at Macaulay to be safe and feel comforted during an emergency?
  • Do you have ideas for making emergency prep/planning fun for kids?
  • Do you like the idea of facilitating the administration of aide to students in an emergency?

Volunteer! MEP is always looking for volunteers to help organize supplies, update the school’s emergency procedures, and to coordinate and manage emergency related events for families and staff/students.  We have a list of “To Dos” and we welcome ideas. Identify your passion and do what interests YOU!


The Macaulay PAC has inventoried the emergency supply tanker and identified a list of equipment, tools, supplies, food and water needs totalling almost $8,000.  We have used PAC funds to purchase the majority of medical and food needs. We have also solicited donations from suppliers and from the Macaulay Community.

Monetary donations (cash/cheques can be made to the Macaulay PAC) and turned into the front office.


The best way to help your child cope with disasters is to talk about them before they happen. Normalize it. Help them understand what emergencies are and what they should do when one occurs.

Talk with your family about why you need to prepare, what types of disasters could keep you apart, and, if apart, how you will reunite.

Knowledge is power, and in this case, it’s also reassuring.

Resources to for talking to your kids about disasters:

Resources for family and home preparedness:


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Emergency Preparedness Committee:  You can also visit / like us on Facebook.

[1] A 9.0 quake –“THE BIG ONE” — is 2 million times stronger and almost 16,000 times bigger than the 4.8 quake that occurred on December 29, 2015 by Sidney, BC.:;;

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