Greening Committee

The Macaulay Greening Committee works to keep the grounds of the school beautiful. They plant flowers & trees, maintain the teaching garden and take on projects such as the pathway.

The Greening Committee proudly maintains the healthy plants and trees that populate many areas of Macaulay. Trees are important for many reasons and we want to see more at Macaulay. Five trees were planted several years ago on the East side of the property and have grown well after they were hand battered over their first summer. We envision each grade 5 “grad” year having the opportunity to plant a legacy tree. Last year’s grads planted a small maple in front of the main entrance. Grade 5 parents are welcome to jump on board for this project.

The large cement flower planters near the main entrance were installed by PAC many years ago but it takes a few dedicated parents to maintain and protect them each year. They are full of lovely flowers and trees now but a few years back they were over-grown and unattractive.

Our native plant garden on the West side was installed about 10 years ago and continues to thrive. We will be adding about a dozen new plants this fall as part of our Outdoor Classroom installation. We invite any parents with an interest in native plants to help us with further planning.

The Pathway and Outdoor Classroom were projects that began about 5 years ago. The pathway on the west side from Lyall Street was installed about 2 years ago and provides safe and clean access for so many of our families. The Outdoor Classroom will provide a natural outdoor learning and play area beside the pathway.

Food gardens near the Kindergarten playground are used by many classes and the PAC provides and installs deer fencing to protect the crops every year. Our vision for the food garden is to install permanent deer fencing and irrigation to have it function year round with increased yield and to become can amazing teaching tool for all ages.

Finally, there is an area on the east side beside the library windows which is sometimes called “the dust bowl” in dry months for its lack of vegetation. This is one of a few areas we have slated for future greening projects to make our play areas healthier and more beautiful. We want to attract local birds and pollinators and support the bio-diversity of our neighbourhood.

We welcome (can I say beg for?) your input and support with these projects! Please contact if you want to get involved.

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