The Macaulay PAC has a number of sub-committees which include:

The Arts Committee organizes art and culture events for the students of Macaulay. This can include in class lessons such as drawing, painting, music, or drama. Or school wide events such as performances, or projects like The Tile Project.

Macaulay takes preparedness seriously. The Macaulay Parent Advisory Council (PAC) created the Emergency Preparedness Committee (MEP) to help the school plan and prepare for emergency events. We are a parent-based group, liaising with school and emergency personnel, to prepare Macaulay in the event of an earthquake. For more info, click here.

The Macaulay Greening Committee works to keep the grounds of the school beautiful. They plant flowers & trees, maintain the teaching garden and take on projects such as the pathway. Currently the Greening Committee is working on completing an outdoor classroom.

The Traffic & Safety Committee liaises between the school administration and the parents for concerns regarding traffic or the safety of Macaulay children. In addition, they also organize Move Your Bones, which is an annual month long event encouraging the families of Macaulay to walk, scooter or bike to school.


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