Introducing the 2018/2019 PAC Executive

PAC Overview 
The Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) are parents supporting education and community at Macaulay. All parents, caregivers and guardians are welcome to get involved!

PAC Meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month in the school’s library. Childminding is provided. Meetings run from 6:30 – 8:00 pm.

The PAC’s mission is to support, encourage and improve the quality of education through the provision of volunteer services, financial support and organized activities that will enhance and enrich the academic, physical, and social development of our children.

The PAC envisions a school environment, based on constructive parent/teacher collaboration, that provides the highest standard of education, instills pride, values our students’ unique gifts, and recognizes their achievements. The purposes of the society are:

  • To provide a forum to advise the principal and staff on parents’ views on any matter relating to the school – programs, policies, plans, and activities.
  • To promote parent interest and involvement in school activities and student’s education.
  • To develop collaborative decision-making processes with the school’s administration and staff on matters pertaining to the PAC.
  • To build strong communication links between parents and staff.
  • To inform parents on school issues and promote ongoing parent education.
  • To represent the views of parents in an effective and positive manner.
  • To assist parents in accessing the most from the education system and provide information on processes available to parents and children.
  • On request, to assist the School Planning Council in carrying out its function in accordance with the School Act.

2018/19 Macaulay PAC Executive

  • President: Josh Hylden
  • Vice President: Yoni Bremner
  • Past President: Krista Moffett
  • Secretary: TJ Schur
  • Treasurer: Janaya Honka
  • Fundraising Coordinator: Sherri Dixon
  • VCPAC Representative: Megan Weston
  • Members at Large: Erin Kinrade, Kirsten Lee-Straub, Cynthia Barco & Andreia Rockwell
  • Arts & Culture Committee Chair: Tabitha Rutherford
  • Emergency Preparedness Lead: Kirsten Andersen
  • Greening Committee Lead: Erin Kinrade
  • Social Media Coordinator: Sarah Patterson
How to reach the PAC:

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