Walk-A-Thon Update 3

Only three more days until the Walk-A-Thon happening on May 4th.

As of Monday evening we have received pledge sheets totaling $6,380.

Mrs. Wu’s grade 1 is rocking first place with $850 in pledges.

A close second is Mr. Racansky’s Grade 4/5 class with $825 in pledges.

Mme Green Grade 5 class is in third place with $545.

We have added a few more names to our top fundraisers who have all raised more than $250. Thank you to the following students for working hard to get those pledges:

  • Kiera (Mme Koch)
  • Annabelle (Mrs. K)
  • Angel (Mrs.Wu)
  • Casey (Mrs.Botteau)
  • Isa (Mme Green)
  • Chloe (Mme Lundgren)
  • Graham (Mr. Racansky)

Students are welcome and encouraged to turn in pledge sheets as soon as they are finished getting pledges/collecting money. We will continue to update this site as we receive more forms.


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