Thank you!!

Last Friday evening there was a small fire at Macaulay Elementary. The fire started after school hours in a self-contained heating unit. Thankfully no children were at the school, and no one was harmed. The fire was contained to one classroom and the adjoining hallway. A big thank you to the Esquimalt Fire Department for quickly extinguishing the fire and to the janitorial staff who smelled the smoke and acted quickly.

Unfortunately, Mme.Lundgren lost all of her teaching supplies. The teachers at Macaulay have pooled resources to help the grade 1 class and Monk Office also stepped up to offer a generous gift card to Mme.Lundgren to help restock her classroom.

When the gift card was presented to Madame this morning she already had some items in mind, and mentioned buying paint and art supplies. The PAC would like to thank Monk for their generous donation, and community participation. It is comforting to know that when the unexpected happens the community responds in positive ways.

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