It’s that time of year when the students of Macaulay start to raise pledges for the Macaulay Walk-a-thon (WAT)! This year’s event will be held on Friday, May 12th.

The WAT is the PAC’s biggest fundraising event, typically bringing in between $15,000 and $20,000 each year. The students collect lump sum pledges leading up to the event, and then on the afternoon of the 12th the whole school walks and/or runs laps of the school.

There are incentive prizes for several different levels of fundraising, including t-shirts, “Market Bucks” for the Esquimalt Public Market, Esquimalt Rec family passes and more. Every student who hands in a pledge form is also entered in a draw for a bike.

Students are encouraged to hand in their pledges as soon as they are done fundraising, as it helps us to process the money and organize prizes in a timely manner. Additional pledge forms can be picked up at the office or printed off here 2017 Pledge Sheet WAT.


See the FAQ below for more information, and feel free to email us if you have questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the WAT?

The walk-a-thon (WAT) is Macaulay’s biggest fundraising event of the year and a critical part of the Parent Advisory Committee’s financial planning. Students collect pledges prior to the WAT and then the entire school population walks laps around the school and fields on the afternoon of May 12. Students do not need to collect pledges on a ‘per lap’ basis, just lump sum pledges.

Are there incentive prizes?

Yes! The organizing committee has worked hard to ensure quality items which help promote activity and school spirit. This year’s prizes are:

Pledges Collected               Incentive Prizes Awarded           
$40        WAT t-shirt      
$80        $10 Market Bucks to the Esquimalt Farmers’ Market      
$125      Family drop in pass to the Esquimalt Rec Centre
$175      Macaulay hoodie          
$250      $25 gift card to Bolen Books     

Students will receive every lower level prize as they reach the next level.

Are there any other prizes?

Yes! The class with the highest total of money raised, plus the class with the highest percentage of participation will each receive a lunch from the PAC. Further, there will be a prize for two students with the highest individual totals. One student from K-2 grades, and one from 3-5 grades.

There is also a draw for a bike.

How do I get entered into the bike draw?

All students who return a pledge sheet will get one entry into the draw. If your family has chosen not to collect pledges, simply complete the top of the pledge form and return it to your teacher. For every $20 in pledges you will receive an additional entry into the draw. The more pledges you collect, the better your odds of winning. The new bike will be purchased at the appropriate size for the winner.

When will the incentive prizes be delivered?

The prizes should be delivered to the student’s approximately four weeks after Walk Day.

Who should I ask for pledges? • Neighbors – please be safe and make sure you have an adult accompany you when going door to door.

Collect the money when you ask for the pledge.

  • Family members and friends.
  • Parents’ co-workers (Navy ships and offices are a great place to collect pledges).
  • Be creative! You can have your own bottle drive, lemonade stand or garage sale and donate the proceeds to your pledge form. Parents who work in offices: an office cupcake sale works well.

What is the Walk-a-thon Pledge goal?

This year we are aiming for $18,000 – which is $40 per student and will support the many PAC-funded activities at the school such as Science Venture workshops, Arts and Drama workshops and field trips. We would love to see 100% participation in the WAT pledge drive!

When are the pledge forms due back?

Please return your pledge forms and pledges to the office as soon as you are finished collecting to allow us to start organizing the incentive prizes. All forms and pledges should be returned to the office no later than Monday, May 15. Additional forms are available from the office, or by emailing macaulaypac@gmail.com or you can print them yourself by clicking on this link 2017 Pledge Sheet WAT.

Any questions? Email the Macaulay PAC (macaulaypac@gmail.com).


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