Toy Drive April 4-25

Macaulay teachers are looking for some specific toys for their classrooms. If you have some of the items in the list in good condition that you would like to part with we would be happy to have them at the school.

Macaulay parents please drop-off items in the designated bins in the front entry of the school from April 4-25. Friends and family wishing to donate items to the school should please give items to a Macaulay parent to bring or email: to make arrangements for pick-up.
Multiples of the following items wanted:
·      Lego
·      Toy Cars
·      Toy Animals
·      Wooden Puzzles
·      Regular Puzzles
·      Alphabet Games
·      Duplo
·      Kinex
·      Building Supplies
·      Chess Boards
·      Building Blocks
·      Small sized stuffed animals
·      Puppets
·      Small figurines (any kind) for story boxes
·      Race track
·      Snakes & Ladders / Board Games
Leftover items will be donated to a local charity.
Questions? Please email:
toy drive

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