Family Movie Night Program

Family Movie Night Canada 150!

Welcome to a P.A.C. sponsored night of Canadian animated films celebrating the anniversary of Canadian Confederation. These shorts have been selected from the National Film Board of Canada.

Tonight’s Program:
5:30 – 6:00 pm: Doors Open
$1.00 Concession Opens
6:00 – 7:00 pm: Short Animated Films
7:00 – 7:15 pm: Intermission
$1.00 Concession Opens
7:15 – 8:00 pm: Short Animated Films

By Pierre-Luk Granjon, 2009
Running Time:  27:03
3-D puppet animation
A medieval tale of treachery and Love.This short is one of nine Canadian films that were chosen to be aired last month in the Spanish language on Cuban State TV during the Havana International Book Fair.

By Co Hoedeman, 1977
Running Time: 13:15
3-D stop motion animation utilizing sand and sand-covered foam rubber puppets.
A charming and cleverly constructed film about a sandman and the creatures he sculpts out of sand. It won the 1978 Oscar for Best Animated Short Film.
It has also won over 20 Canadian and international awards.

By Munro Ferguson, 1995
Running Time:  6:01
Traditional ink and paint cel animation.
A fun and silly story about how dinosaurs evolved into birds.

By Cordell Barker, 1988
Running Time: 7:40
This hilarious traditionally animated short is based on the century-old folk song of the same name. It won 1998 Genie Award for Best Animated Short Film. It was, also, nominated for an Oscar Award.


By Janet Perlman, 1981
Running Time:  10:01
This musical short is a cute and zany penguin version of the classic fairy tale and was created with traditional hand inked and painted cel animation. It was a 1981 Oscar nominee.

By Phyllis Grant, 2006 
Running Time:  8:32
A beautifully stylized traditionally animated story about a Mi’gmaq boy.  Journeying through the woods Maq meets Mi’gmwesu, a curious traveller, who reminds him of what truly matters. This short is part of the Talespinners Collection which uses vibrant animation to bring popular cultural children’s stories to the screen.

By Daniel Frenette, 1989  
Running Time:  5:33
A popular satirical French song that was composed in 1792 France that has traversed continents and centuries.  Felix Leclerc was a revolutionary singer and artist whose work in several fields marked a turning point in Quebec culture. The colourful illustrations are by Jean Dallaire.  He was a French Canadian artist who played a leading role as a precursor in the return of figure painting in Canada at the end of the 1960’s.

By Grant Munro & Ron Tunis, 1966
Running Time:  9:49
An adorable animated cartoon to help children explore why and how animals move as they do.  This short won an award at the Venice International Film Festival.

By Lillian Chan, 2006  
Running Time:  7:50
This animated short illustrates how a shy girl must use her creativity to cope with the extended absence of her father who’s been assigned work outside Canada.  This is a familiar situation for many Macaulay families. This short film won public prize at both the Ottawa International Animation Festival and Anima Mundi in Brazil.

By Co Hoedeman, 1970 
Running Time:  4:47
3-D stop motion animation with beautifully painted Russian matryoshka dolls who dance, twirl and swirl to Russian music. Co Hoedeman is a Dutch-Canadian filmmaker known for his mastery of stop motion animation.

Thank-you for supporting École Macaulay’s 3rd Family Movie Night! We hope you enjoyed it!

Thank-you to Country Grocer, the P.A.C. Executive and all the various volunteers who helped make tonight happen.

P.A.C. fundraising goes towards field trips, arts and cultural activities, new technology in the classrooms, crossing guard salaries, beautification of the school grounds, long term capital projects and… more fun events like this!

We hope to see you next time!

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