Welcome, Principal Karen MacEwan

On behalf of the PAC at École Macaulay Elementary it is a great pleasure to officially introduce Principal Karen MacEwan. We are excited to work with her and wish her every success in her new role. We asked her to tell us a little bit about herself, as well as her thoughts on education and this is what she had to say.

Dear Macaulay Families,

I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself and thank you for the warm welcome I have
received. I have only been here for a few months, but already I feel like a part of the Macaulay family.  I hope to meet many of you at my first official PAC meeting on November 10 at 6:30pm in our school library. 

 I have been an educator for twenty-six years, beginning my teaching career at Royal Oak Middle School in the Saanich School district in 1990.  After 20 years at middle school teaching grade 6, 7 and 8, reading support, drama, music, and choir, I moved to Cordova Bay Elementary where I taught a grade 5 class as well as K-5 music.  At this point in my life, with two teenagers at home and a supportive husband, I decided to make the move to administration and it brought me to the Greater Victoria School district.  In 2013 I became the Vice-Principal at Monterey Middle School and from there I moved on to my next adventure as Principal of École Macaulay Elementary!  I feel very privileged to be your new principal and I hope to be working and learning with the Macaulay family for many years to come.

 Over the course of my career as an educational leader in the public school system, I have learned that nothing is more fundamental to society than public education.  It is a privilege and a responsibility to be trusted with the education of our children.  Schools should be places that honour each child as a unique individual and provide for the success of every child.  As educators, we have an opportunity to instill a love of learning in students that will remain with them for the rest of their lives.  If we are successful, students will graduate with much more than an understanding of mathematics, or biology or home economics.  They will learn to ask questions, to be critical thinkers, to solve problems creatively and, most importantly, they will learn how to learn.  They will develop resilience in order to bounce back from life’s inevitable challenges and perseverance to stay the course when it would be easier to quit.

 I believe that my role as principal is to create a safe learning community where students can reach their potential.  I will work with my staff at Macaulay to improve the achievement of all students and to make decisions with the students at the center.  Another important aspect of the role of principal is to create positive partnerships with parents, staff and the community, and to ensure that concerns are dealt with promptly and effectively so that relationships are maintained.   I will work with my staff at Macaulay to create a culture of collaboration where everyone feels that their contributions are valued. Finally, I believe that my role is to advocate for our most vulnerable students and to build a community of learners at Macaulay where everyone feels welcome.

 I am very excited to tell you that last week the Superintendent named Tim McCreesh as the new Vice-Principal at Macaulay. Tim comes to us from Burnaby school district where he is currently the Head Teacher at École Cascade Heights Elementary, a dual track elementary school that is similar to Macaulay in size and diversity.  I am so pleased to be welcoming Tim into our community and I think he will be a great fit for Macaulay! I look forward to introducing him to you at the PAC meeting in January. Tim will be moving to Victoria with his wife and young family from Burnaby over the coming weeks – he will need to sell his home on the mainland and purchase a home over here, so he will be not be joining us until January.  He will be the teacher for Division 5 as well as our Vice-Principal!  I hope you will join me in welcoming Tim and his family to our community. 

 Thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about the new administrative team at Macaulay.  I look forward to meeting you over the coming months.


Karen MacEwan



Please join us for Principal MacEwan’s first official PAC meeting on November 10, 2016.


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